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📓 Preparing for the First Week

We've covered a lot of ground in this section of the pre-work and we're almost done! Before we wrap up, there are two lessons you'll need to go over in the first course section of the curriculum, Git, HTML and CSS.

Course Section Objectives

You'll start each new course section in this program by reading that section's objectives. The objectives are designed to give you a general sense of what you'll be covering in the section and to prepare you for that section's independent project. Here are the objectives for the first section:

Daily Expectations

In addition to the section objectives, you'll have daily expectations for the first section of the program. These expectations will help orientate you for the day and to provide clarity on any key concepts you'll need to focus on. We recommend looking over the daily expectations ahead of time (such as the night before) so you'll be prepared for success each day during the first course section. These daily expectations are designed to lower your stress and help answer any questions you might have about what you are supposed to do. Here are the expectations for the second day of the program (first day will be covered in orientation!):

Review the expectations and objectives as needed throughout the section.