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Welcome to Learn How to Program

Select a track from the following selections. Once selected, you will see the list of courses associated with that track.

Full-Time Tracks

Our full-time tracks take place over the course of 28 weeks, with a weekly full-time 40-hour commitment.

Full-Time Full StackFull-Time Full Stack (Pre-October Cohorts)

Part-Time Tracks

Our part-time tracks take place over the course of 56 weeks, with a weekly part-time 20-hour commitment.

Part-Time Full Stack (Day Time)Part-Time Full Stack (Pre-October Cohorts)Part-Time Intro to Programming


Our other curriculum, such as compiled lists of all our DEI and Career Service lessons, our weekend workshop lessons, and the Fidgetech curriculum.

Career Services CurriculumDiveristy, Equity, and Inclusion CurriculumFidgetechWeekend Workshops