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📓 Final Capstone Project

Students who are enrolled in our full-stack programs will brainstorm, plan, and complete a final capstone project in 120 hours of dedicated class time during the final course of the program. The capstone project will be part of the Capstone Course, which includes other materials to help prepare students for extended concepts and career development. The goal of the capstone is to create a portfolio-ready project which you'll be able to add to your resume, share with potential employers, and show off to friends and family!

Independent Capstone Schedule

Listed below is an outline of capstone-related events that occur in the React course. The bolded titles below correspond to the names of each learning section within various courses during your time at Epicodus.

  • Functional Programming: Early Capstone Planning happens during the first section of the React course. Here, you'll start brainstorming ideas and get comfortable with coming up with application ideas.

  • Building an API: Narrow down your ideas for your capstone, and learn about the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Teachers will be able to provide you with feedback and resources on how to accomplish your ideas, and let you know if there are any items to consider.

  • Capstone Course: Self-Guided Study (4 weeks): You will explore extended concepts of your own choosing that will allow you to specialize in certain aspects of development that interests you. You'll be welcome to take ideas that you learn here to implement them in your capstone, or even allow your capstone idea influence what extended concepts you wish to spend time learning.

  • Capstone Course: Independent Capstone (3 weeks): You will spend this entire course section working on your capstone. On the last day of class, you will present your capstone project to classmates and then turn it in as your final independent coding project.