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πŸ““ Our Formatting Standards at Epicodus

We talked a lot about indentation and formatting HTML. We mentioned that often the standards for formatting HTML depends on personal preference and the company/team whom you work with.

Well, at Epicodus we are simulating a work place environment so we have our standards we will require you to follow. This puts everyone on the same page when it comes to formatting and allows an instructor to review your code faster.

Most workplaces force formatting standardization because otherwise everyone would be wasting time reformatting the same code or there would be no consistency within a project.

Here are our formatting standards at Epicodus:

static image of format options


Q: β€œCan I do something different than what is on this list? For example, I really like using 1 space for Tab size
A: No, these are our formatting standards and we expect everyone to use them. That's the point of formatting standards. This sets you up for success at your next place of work which will have their own formatting standards. We’re open to hearing if you think our format standards should change though.

Q: β€œWhat if something is not listed here?”
A: Go with the option you prefer. It won’t affect passing an assessment in the future.

Please reach out to your instructor now if you have any follow-up questions.