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πŸ““ How to Screen Share in Discord

Let's finally get into the logistics on how to pair program. How to pair program changes if there is anyone in the pair group working remotely. Pick the directions below that describes your pair group:

Directions 1: Pair programming in-person and sharing a computer:​

  1. Open Discord in the Chrome browser. A β€œstation” account should already be logged in. If not, reach out to an in-person instructor for help.

  2. Move to a pair voice channel. It is okay to be silenced with mic off (or muted using Discord's terminology) while in a pair voice channel but talking in-person. Still be present in Discord though by NOT turning off sound (or deafen yourselves using Discord's terminology). Your remote peers and instructors will still need to be able to reach out via Discord.

Move on to the next lesson once everyone feels good with the current setup.

Directions 2: Pair programming remotely:​

How to screen share and watch a stream in Discord​

Discord provides a thorough step by step guide Go Live and Screen Share that covers how to screen share and how to watch someone else's stream in Discord.

The most relevant sections in this guide are:

There is other useful information in the guide above such as stream quality settings and how to screen share in DMs (direct messages). Take some time to explore the guide further as much as it interests you.

Troubleshooting Screen Sharing Issues​

Try troubleshooting using the resources below if you or your pair are running into any issues with screen sharing in Discord. Please reach out to an instructor if you exhausted these resources and are still having issues.

Discord lacks permission to use my mic, camera, or share my screen, try:

Discord's screen share is forever loading, try:

Move on to the next lesson only when everyone is able to screen share and everyone feels good with the current setup.