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📓 Sprucing Up Your GitHub

Sprucing Up Your GitHub

GitHub Profiles: An Overview

You've already learned about using Git and GitHub as a practical coding and version control tool, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind when using GitHub as a part of your job search. In this lesson, we will dig into some best practices to make the most of GitHub for your job search. Let's start with the basics:

  • Add an image to your profile picture!
  • Add contact and LinkedIn information.
  • Pin your best repos to keep them at the top of your list! Update this frequently (every 3 – 4 weeks).
  • Contribution Settings — Turn on Private Contribution (check out this lesson for more info about contributions). Note that when you turn on private contributions, these are anonymized to the general public. It will only show the number of private contributions you've made.
  • If your contributions are not showing up in your profile, check out here.
  • Add a ReadMe to your GitHub profile. That's right! ReadMes are not just for repositories. Adding a ReadMe to your GitHub profile lets you tell others about yourself, your interests, etc. Learn more about how to make a GitHub ReadMe in the docs and add one today. To see what you can do with a GitHub ReadMe, check out this repo that's compiled examples.

Having an active GitHub is better than making all of your repos private. Keeping your early repos public can show your progress over time and employers and other developers want to see it! You can set a few things to private if you really don't want people to see it, but otherwise try to keep some of your older work still in your GitHub. Just make sure your main page is your best work up to that point.