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Intermediate JavaScript

Welcome to Intermediate JavaScript.

JavaScript is the only programming language understood by all web browsers, making it the most common language for web and mobile development. Students who learn how to code in JavaScript will be able to create simple to complex web pages, add interactivity features to an existing site, and update pages quickly without reloading.

Course Overview

This course builds on the programming fundamentals from our Introduction to Programming course and gives students more difficult problems to solve and a more advanced set of tools to solve them with.

Here is some of what we’ll cover:

  • JavaScript with ES6+
  • Creating developer environments with webpack
  • Querying Third-Party APIs
  • Node Package Manager
  • Unit Testing with Jest

To navigate through the lessons, you can utilize the side bar to find the section, day, and lesson you'd like to peruse. Otherwise, to navigate sequentially, click the Next or Previous buttons at the bottom of each page.