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Indeed Resume

While LinkedIn is the biggest online recruiting platform, Indeed is also a popular service among employers for finding candidates. Adding a resume to Indeed builds on work you will already have done when you created your LinkedIn profile. It also provides another avenue for employers to find you.

If you have not already created an Indeed account, that will be the first thing you need to do. Once you've created the account, Indeed will walk you through a new account wizard that will prompt you to add information to help employers find you! You can either do this manually or you can start by downloading a PDF copy of your LinkedIn profile and then uploading it as your resume on Indeed Resume.

An image displaying the Indeed Resume Form

Once you've uploaded your resume, check the formatting and content of the resume generated by Indeed. This is what employers making use of the site will see. You will be prompted to add skills, which is similar to the skills section from your LinkedIn profile. Use this section to cover the technical skills you're learning at Epicodus. Don't forget to add your other relevant skills, too! Do a self audit of skills you've had to hone in previous jobs and add those as well. When you're done, you should have a pretty well rounded list.

Once you've completed all the required portions of the resume, Indeed will take you to another screen called "Additional Information." Here, you will be prompted to fill out your preferred job title and type of work (contract, full-time, and so on), your desired salary, whether you're willing to relocate, and optional information about previous salary. This last part likely won't be relevant to complete since many students at Epicodus are changing careers.

This will complete the resume set up process. Indeed will now show your profile to employers and allow you to quick-apply to positions using "Apply with your Indeed Resume" feature.

A note of caution: your Indeed Resume should make your job search simpler, easier, and quicker, but it isn't a replacement for the rest of the application process. When you use this feature, it will prompt you to answer any relevant questions the company has. It can be tempting to apply to lots and lots of jobs with this quick-apply feature without a cover letter. However, this is not as effective as targeted applications, but is instead a good supplement to your job search for roles you may be less excited about.

Remember: one good, high-quality application with a custom cover letter that speaks directly to your interest in the position and what the company does will always get you farther than dozens of haphazard, cookie-cutter applications.

Before submitting, check your Indeed resume link in an incognito window to see exactly what it looks like to others.

Career Review​

Once you’ve completed both your LinkedIn Profile and your Indeed Resume, turn these in to the LinkedIn and Indeed career review under the Internship class in Epicenter