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📓 Self-Exploration Week 2 Expectations

Self Exploration Section Expectations - Week 2

Welcome to the second week of Professional Development. During this week, you will continue following along with the plan that you made during the Professional Development Planning section.

Research and Planning Logs

Make sure that you are keeping track of your progress by using a Research and Planning log, just like you did last week. What your Research and Planning log looks like will be up to you, but what we want to see is a consistent commit history of your work throughout the week.

An example of this Research and Planning log might look like this:

### Research & Planning Log
#### Friday, 08/13
* 8:20: prioritize to-dos
* 8:40: research libraries for animations
* 9:30: try out react-spring library, review docs + examples
* 1:20: implement react-spring library in sample project

On Thursdays, your instructor will be using individual 1:1s to check the progress via your Research and Planning log, and help you adjust your approach as needed. Feel free to bring questions to these meetings, or to ask for assistance during your professional development work.

Please keep in mind that you must work during class time, and the commit history must represent a full day's work for each and every day.

Whiteboarding Practice

Additionally, as a class, we will continue to perform Whiteboarding interviews and practice. Coordinate with your Dev teams about when during the day you might want to perform these practice problems. The goal is for everyone to go at least once a week until the end of the term.

You will find example Whiteboard prompts every week, but you are welcome to bring other prompts if you've performed the prompts before or if they meet your needs better.

During this section, try to avoid using tools like ChatGPT or Co-Pilot. This is intended to help you with interview preparedness!

To Pair or Not to Pair?

During this self exploration period, choosing how to approach your own material is up to you. If you find that other students are exploring the same materials as you are, you're welcome to work together to share resources, study, or even participate in pairing to create applications while practicing your new technology.

Otherwise, working solo is more than acceptable during this section. There are a few requirements for either scenario.


  • Attendance policy still applies. You are still expected to attend Epicodus during normal class hours, and sign in and out of Epicenter. If you are an online student, we expect you to be in a voice channel in Discord server during normal class hours.
  • Continue to sign in with a pair. Even though you may be performing independent work, you can still support your peers through this process. We encourage you to help each other with bugs or design decisions.
  • You may use your own machine. Similar to team week and the independent projects for each course section, roughly half of students will need to bring their own machine. The wifi network will be available during this course section.

Independent Project

There will be an independent project this week, unlike the other weeks that occur during Professional Development. For this week, you will be preparing a proposed MVP for your Capstone.

Last week, we submitted our Capstone Sign-Up and Proposal sheet. The MVP you'll be propsing will contain specific information about your project. As a reminder, here's a template you can use:

Project Proposal Template

Name of Student:

Name of Project:

Project's Purpose or Goal: (What will it do for users?)

List the absolute minimum features the project requires to meet this purpose or goal:

What tools, frameworks, libraries, APIs, modules and/or other resources (whatever is specific to your track, and your language) will you use to create this MVP? List them all here. Be specific.

If you finish developing the minimum viable product (MVP) with time to spare, what will you work on next? Describe these features here: Be specific.

What additional tools, frameworks, libraries, APIs, or other resources will these additional features require?

Is there anything else you'd like your instructor to know?

The above template will be one part of your submission. The other part will be 8 hours of work toward your Capstone. This can be continued work researching technology relevant to your project, or it can be implementing code. Whichever you decide, use commits to document your progress.


Submit the link to your Capstone GitHub repository containing your MVP once you've completed 8 hours of work to the code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.